We offer the following DIR contract vehicle to our government customers:

DIR-TSO-3965 Contract, Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Recovery IT Products and Related Services

DIR Contact: Stephanie Harrison

Email: stephanie.harrison@dir.texas.gov
Phone: (512) 463-3290
Fax: (512) 475-4759

Vendor Name:
Johnston Technical Services, Inc. Dba: JTS

DIR Vendor ID: 1752621300800

JTS Contact: Kyle Fuller

Email: kyle.fuller@jts.net
Phone: (972) 620-1435 x125

These may be sent via email to sales@jts.net or faxed to 972-247-5023. All quote requests should reference “DIR Quote Request.”

How to Order

• Generate a purchase order, made payable to JTS. Note: You must reference Contract Number DIR-TSO-3965 and the JTS Quotation Number on your purchase order.
• All order forms must be submitted with a signed copy of the entity’s purchase order
• All order forms must include a legible PHYSICAL SHIP TO address (not a P.O. Box number) and a contact name, telephone number, and e-mail address for this address.
• All order forms must include a legible INVOICE TO address, a contact name, and telephone number for this address.
• Products being ordered must be indicated on the order form correctly.
• The total products listed on the order form must match the total products ordered on the purchase order (price, quantity, and description).
• Fax your purchase order to JTS at 972-247-5023 or email to sales@jts.net.

AllTech Communications is an acknowledged global leader in mobile solutions including mobile tower trailers, telescoping towers, portable towers, Cell on Light Trucks, Cell on Wheels, mobile and portable light trailers, shelters, cabinets, and more. AllTech continues to lead with innovative products for a number of industries including Commercial Applications, Cellular and Wireless Carriers, Military, First Responders, Governments, Entertainment, Construction, Lighting, and Oil & Gas to name a few.  AllTech manufactures portable tower systems up to 150’ for data, voice, lighting, surveillance and wind energy, along with a number of support products Unlike other tower trailers, AllTech’s mobile tower trailer systems utilize our patented system designed to guy the mobile tower to the outriggers. With this system the footprint necessary to deploy the cell on wheels unit is minimal at only 30 feet by 35 feet, smaller than any other portable tower on the market.


In virtually every corner of the world, the demand for broadband connectivity continues to explode. Over the years, the technologies of Cambium Networks have taken a leading role in this growth. Our Point-to-Point (PTP) and Point-to-Multipoint (PMP) solutions offer the bandwidth, the flexibility, the ease of installation, the intuitive operation and the cost effectiveness that make high-speed access accessible to virtually everyone on the planet.

Dialight defines the current state of LED lighting technology with continuous innovations in light output, efficacy and reliability for our complete line of high-specification lighting fixtures specifically designed for industrial, commercial, hazardous location, transportation & public infrastructure applications. These results are directly related to our ongoing commitment to advancing solid-state lighting products that vastly reduce maintenance, improve safety, ease disposal, and are more environmentally friendly – thereby helping to reduce CO2 emissions, the dominant GHG contributor to global warming.


DragonWave is a leading provider of high-capacity packet microwave solutions that drive next-generation IP networks. DragonWave’s carrier-grade point-to-point packet microwave systems transmit broadband voice, video and data, enabling service providers, government agencies, enterprises and other organizations to meet their increasing bandwidth requirements rapidly and affordably. The principal application of DragonWave’s products is wireless network backhaul. Additional solutions include leased line replacement, last mile fiber extension and enterprise networks. DragonWave’s award winning Horizon® solutions are known in the industry for their leading capacity, reliability, and spectral efficiency.

Drake Lighting, Inc. is a supplier of ETL-certified FAA obstruction lighting, electrical supplies and monitoring solutions. Their goal is simple: Provide our customers with FAA obstruction lighting solutions that are “Easy to Order, Easy to Handle, Easy to Install.” Drake Lighting is dedicated to providing the very best products for Aviation Obstruction Lighting.   The products they offer are compliant to FAA 150/5345-53D – Airport Lighting Equipment Certification Program. They offer Red Obstruction Lighting, Medium Intensity Obstruction Lighting, and High Intensity Obstruction Lighting.

Flash Technology provides LED and xenon obstruction lighting systems to meet FAA and international (ICAO) requirements. Their products and installation, monitoring and compliance services are widely used in the telecommunications, broadcast, wind energy, airport and utilities markets as well as specialized applications. Building on a legacy of firsts since its origin in 1969, Flash Technology offers you a team of compliance experts who are leaders in innovative lighting solutions as well as the systems that support their reliable operation. As a member of the SPX Corporation family since 2003, Flash Technology leverages the strengths of a diversified, global leader in infrastructure equipment, whose employees and operations in about 15 countries generate approximately $1.5 billion in annual revenues.

Hughey & Phillips, LLC presents a complete line of cost-effective obstruction lighting and control solutions that are proven to be highly efficient and reliable with improved maintainability and a longer operational life. H&P offers complete solutions for lighting systems designed and manufactured by H&P in the USA including strobe and LED offerings. As stand-alone fixtures or as part of an integrated system, Hughey & Phillips’ low, medium, and high intensity lighting solutions provide illumination for radio and television transmission towers, communications and microwave towers, wind turbines, grain elevators, buildings, smokestacks, bridges, and other obstructions to aerial navigation.

LightPointe Communications, Inc. (a.k.a. LightPointe Wireless)  is privately held. The company was launched in 1998 and is headquartered in San Diego, CA. LightPointe is the number one manufacturer in the world of point-to-point Gigabit Ethernet Free Space Optics and Hybrid Optical-Radio Bridges, and manufactures a complete line of 4G/LTE backhaul radios (60 GHz & 70/80 GHz e-band) for telecom carriers and enterprises such as businesses, schools, the military & government agencies. With over $80 million in product development and over eight key patents, LightPointe has deployed thousands of Gigabit Ethernet bridges and digital video/security backhaul solutions worldwide.

Microwave Networks Incorporated is a trusted global provider of wireless infrastructure and last-mile transmission solutions. We design, manufacture, install, and service licensed and unlicensed, point-to-point and point-to-multipoint microwave systems. We offer full backhaul wireless and complete turnkey solutions for public safety, mobile carriers, private communication networks, next generation IP and LTE/4G networks. A US corporation, Microwave Networks is headquartered in the Greater Houston Metropolitan Area with global sales services and support locations.

Mimosa is the leader in cloud-managed, hybrid fiber-wireless (HFW) network solutions for the post-copper era. Deploying Massive MIMO technology, Mimosa designs and manufactures outdoor gigabit wireless platforms for service providers demanding ber-fast networks. Mimosa technology provides the highest level of scale, capacity and reliability for multiple verticals and applications.

Radiflow is a leading provider of cyber security solutions for critical infrastructure networks (i.e. SCADA), such as power utilities, oil & gas, water and others. SCADA networks often extend across multiple remote sites, allowing automation devices to be controlled from the control center. Radiflow’s security solutions are available both as in-line gateways for remote sites and as a non-intrusive IDS (Intrusion Detection System) that can be deployed per site or centrally. Radiflow was founded in 2009 as part of the RAD group, a family of ICT vendors with over $1Bn annual revenues. Radiflow solutions were launched at the end of 2011, validated by leading research labs and successfully deployed by major utilities world-wide.

Radwin is the leading global provider of sub 6 GHz Wireless Broadband Solutions. Their extensive product portfolio includes high-capacity, carrier-grade solutions that fulfill the connectivity needs of the world’s largest carriers, service providers, enterprises, vertical markets and transportation authorities.

SIAE Microelettronica has been in business for 65 years. Their equipment enables millions of people in over 80 countries to communicate around the world every day. They specialize in point to point microwave radio systems that provide 2G/3G/4G mobile backhaul, IP and TDM technologies, high speed LAN-to-LAN interconnections and much more. As an intrinsic element of modern network infrastructure, their customers demand the highest quality, value for money and innovative telecommunications products. SIAE’s passion for radio solutions enables them to meet these demands with leading edge licensed microwave radio products (from 4 up to 80GHz, including unlicensed frequencies), along with an extensive product portfolio which also includes, E-band radios, multiplexers, cell site gateways, network switching devices and network management systems.

Signal Inside offers premier wireless infrastructure products, including cable, fiber, antennas, DAS equipment, and other hardware/accessories. Their mission is to bring quality products at affordable price to the marketplace. These products provide you with the specifications and performance you need at a competitive price you’ve been searching for. They strive to deliver only the best products for all of your wireless needs.


ROHN has been the world leader in tower design and tower manufacturing for more than six decades. We continue to meet the demands of our customers with innovation in design, continuous process improvement and a drive to employ the talent and knowledge leaders in the tower manufacturing industry. Whether its guyed towers, self-supporting towers, or steel poles, ROHN maintains one of the largest manufacturing and staging facilities in the tower design industry.


Sabre Industries, Inc. provides thousands of tower structures every year, and are one of the largest tower manufacturers in the world. The Sabre 1800 S3R series is a 3-legged self supporting tower with solid round legs with 18” spacing, angle bracing, and knock-down sections. It is designed for economical and safe construction. Sabre hot-dip galvanizes all steel parts to ensure uncompromising integrity in severe climates.


Siklu builds gigabit wireless backhaul solutions over 70-80 GHz E-band and 60 GHz millimeter waves, at the lowest cost in the industry. Siklu’s EtherHaul systems are ideal for LTE macro and small cell backhaul, fiber extension and business service delivery. The EtherHaul E-band radios are the top choice of tier-1 operators for Gigabit backhaul worldwide. Thousands of units have been sold, deployed and are operating solidly in all weather conditions.


Trylon’s SuperTitan™, STG Series, Titan™, and 25T™ lines of pre-engineered off-the-shelf towers feature self-support, bracketed and guyed solutions for all your light to medium duty applications. The Titan, SuperTitan and 25T lines are ideal for applications such as wireless Internet and wireless LAN, and effective wherever a standard, cost effective tower fulfills the requirement.

All products sold under this DIR contract contain the standard manufacturer warranty. The standard JTS warranty on all installation and maintenance services is one (1) year from date of performance.

JTS has a one (1) business day response turnaround policy for all product warranty and manufacturer maintenance agreement inquiries.

All product and service inquiries will be processed at the following location:
5310 S. Cockrell Hill Road, Dallas, TX 75236.

All returns, exchanges, and/or defective products purchased must be reported within 30 days of receipt. Upon contact, a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number will be issued. The RMA number is required to complete any return transaction within 30 days of receipt of the product. Freight charges on all returns are FBO shipping point.

Except for products found defective upon installation, all hardware products must be returned in their original packaging. Some manufacturers charge a restocking fee for hardware products. This fee is determined on a case-by-case basis.

Requests for returns due to incorrect ordering by the customer will be handled on a case-by-case basis. If JTS cannot authorize the return, the customer will be required to pay for the product. If the return is authorized, the customer is responsible for the cost of returning the product. A replacement product will not be shipped until the vendor has received the merchandise being returned.

If the return is due to a defective product or the wrong product shipped, JTS is responsible for the cost of returning the product.

Any attempts to return merchandise after 30 days of receipt must be made directly with the manufacturer of the product. See the manufacturer’s warranty for more information.